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Perimeter Network Design, Firewalls Implementation & VPNs Deployment (Hands-On)

Intake 19
14 Jul 2011

* The Most Comprehensive Firewall & VPN Course Ever Taught *
* and Become a Certified Firewall Expert*
Date 14 Jul 2011
Price HK$6,980.00
Sessions / Hours 8/24(hrs)
Time 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Language Cantonese with English Terms
Tutor Over 10 year of InfoSec experiences
Demonstrate Your Abilities & Become a Certified Firewall Expert
There is no victim but volunteers. Plugging your company network into the Internet with a poorly designed or even without firewall is no different from committing suicide! Elite hackers nowadays are writing network level attacks that are able to bypass firewalls, evade intrusion detection systems, and finally assault your Internet reachable servers.

Though quality discussions and 30+ hands-on labs, i-Total helps you understand how to design, implement, assess and monitor an effective perimeter network, firewalls, VPNs and secure remote accesses, equips you to get certified, & secures your career future. .
Course Outline
For comprehensive coverage of the examination curriculum, we structure this course into 4 modules with a total of 24 contact hours. Details about individual modules are given below. Please email us at for more information.

Course Summary
Fundamentals of Perimeter Security
TCP/IP Protocols, Fragmentation, Stimulus & Response, IP Routing, IPSec, Packet Dissection, Packet Filtering, Circuit Level Gateways, Application Gateway, Stateful Filtering, Stateful Inspection, NAT, VPNs
Perimeter Network Design
Single Box architecture, Screened Host, Screened Subnets, Separating resources, Security zones, Software component placement, VPN Integration, Case Studies
Secure Routers & Bastion Hosts
Router hardening, Bastion hosts Placement, Selecting services provided, OS hardening, Baseline audits, Linux & Windows bastion hosts, Hands-On Labs
Firewall Implementation - Check Point Firewall-1 NG Application Intelligence & Linux Netfilter
SVN Components, Dash Board, Access control, SecureUpdate, Anti-Spoofing, Performance tuning, Log & System Status Viewer, Log file management, Blocking intruders, User / Client / Session authentication, Single Sign On, IP addressing and NAT modes, Automatic and manual NAT rules, Tracking & alerts, Load balancing & algorithms, Logical servers, Security servers, Content Vectoring Protocol, URL Filtering Protocol, TCP Resource, CVP load sharing & chaining, SYNDefender, Netfilter chains, ingress & egress filtering, packet forwarding, packet mangling, Hands-On Labs
VPNs & Secure Remote Access
VPN-1/FW-1 NG encryption schemes, Certificate Authorities, IKE encryption, FWZ encryption, Reliable Datagram Protocol, SecuRemote, SecureClient, Hybrid IKE VPN, Policy Server, Desktop policies, Overlapping encryption domains, SSL Encryption, SSH Encryption, PPTP Setup, Hands-On Labs
Perimeter Assessment & Monitoring
System & Network level auditing, Vulnerability assessment, Nullifying OS fingerprinting, Honeypot placement, Log file analysis, Identify attack patterns, Hands-on Lab
Course Date & Venue
Date8 Evenings Starting 14 Jul 2011
Time7:00pm - 10:00pm
Venue7D, Trust Tower, 68 Johnston Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong [See Map]

i-TotalSecurity reserves the rights to modify the schedule as required.
Course Fee
Lectures & Workshops (30 Hours) = price HK$6,980.00*
Early bird price - enroll 1 week before course commencement. Full price = HK$6,980.00.
Course Leader
Mr. Gamin Lou, CISSP, CISA, CISM, CEH, has over 14 years experience in information systems security governance and practices. Before joining i-TotalSecurity as a security consultant, he has been working in various global and local financial institutes and was responsible for managing overall information security programs, implementing and monitoring perimeter security and intrusion detection systems, as well as responding to and investigating security incidents for the organizations.
About i-TotalSecurity
A pioneer in information systems control and security education and consultancy who bring the best knowledge, skills and practices to meet the certification and working needs of individuals and corporations.

Since 1995, our qualified and no-nonsense security specialists are teaching information security with students from leading corporations, government and military organizations internationally.
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