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Voice of Our Students


Let's hear what our students said:

"I have just passed both CISA and CISSP examinations held in 2010. The instructors demonstrated a comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Throughout the lectures, they are able to speak clearly, distinctly. Further, the course is well organized and enthusiastic. It really stimulated my interest in the subject. The objectives for each lecture was clearly stated at the beginning of each lecture. The course material was up-to-date, well organized and presented in sufficient depth. The demonstrations held in the lecture effectively elaborates the theory in real life example, which is very practical to our daily life. Finally, the course administration was efficient and simple. I can make substitution for every class being unable to attend due to business commitments. This really adapts to the challenging working environment in Hong Kong."

Isaac Kwok, CISA, CISSP
Engineer, Telecommunication Industry

"I am very happy that I can pass the CISSP exam in one shot. It is the right decision to choose the course Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management in i-TotalSecurity. The instructors are very nice and always share their valuable experiences with us making the class very interesting. Also, the materials are well-organized so that I can easily understand the content by mainly referring to the lecture notes and saved a lot of time. I would like to thank i-TotalSecurity, especially, Mr, Alen Lo, for organizing this course and helped me easily pass the CISSP exam."

Ivan Lau, CISSP

"I took the course Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management in i-TotalSecurity from June to August 2010 and passed the CISA exam in December 2010. The content of this course is up-to-date and related to our daily tasks of both audit and IT very much. Also, through the teaching and experience sharing by Alen and Simon, what are the best practices and what should be concerned are shown to students. The drills are also very well and they can make students have good preparation before the exam. I would highly recommend this course to people who are interested in IS audit or IS security."

Anthony Wong, CISA

"I would like to take this opportunity to say a big THANKS to Mr. Alen Lo and i-TotalSecurity Consulting Limited for the comprehensive and professional course. I had attended the Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management. The course materials are highly relevant for preparing the CISA, CISSP and CISM Examinations. The teaching styles are delightful and interesting. Other than examination techniques, the course also shares a lot of professional experiences relating to information security which are useful to my Job and Career.

I have no doubt to recommend to everyone who is preparing for the CISA, CISSP and CISM Examinations, or everyone who want to enhance his/her IT security knowledge. Once again, thanks Mr. Alen Lo and i-TotalSecurity, keep the good works going on."

Chan Wai Hong, Welcome, CISA, CISSP, CISM, ITIL, CCNA
Assistant Security Manager of a Manufacturing Company

"Even though I have been in the Finance IT industry for 20+years, taking the CISA course offered by i-TotalSecurity could still allow me to enrich my knowledge. The lecturers are proven to be well experienced and the course materials are well prepared - not only focusing on the CISA exam but applicable to the real world situation.

Attending the CISA exam is challenging as those questions are quite tricky. Without proper guidance from the professionals who have equipped themselves with both theoretical and practical know-how, it will be difficult, if not impossible, to choose the right answers.

i-Total, you have done a great work! Thank you."

Peter Lau, CISA
Director, IT Consulting Firm

"I have learned from my friend that getting a CISSP certification can provide me with credibility in the marketplace. I took the time to register and started preparing for the CISSP exam. Since I only have two months to study, I believe I should take a course to get a more in-depth understanding of the 10 security domains. At that time, I am looking for a course with instructors really knows what he or she is doing and will save me time by pointing out exactly what to study to pass the exam. Then I found i-TotalSecurity.

The information taught by i-TotalSecurity instructors is complete, accurate, clear, and concise. With the amount of material I have to learn in such a short period of time, i-TotalSecurity's instructors really helped me to focus on the topic that will help me to pass the CISSP exam. Furthermore, the instructors are extremely professional in answering questions patiently. Lo Sir, one of the instructor, was very diligent in explaining the questions and answering them in easy-to-understand way. The course really provided the kind of service that is beyond my expectation. I really appreciate i-TotalSecurity commitment to quality education."

Joseph Wong, CISSP

"I would like to thank the instructors in the course Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management for their superb lectures and the Q&A sessions at the end of each lesson. Passing the CISSP and CISA exams are not difficult tasks with such world class instructions and real-life experiences. Their keynotes were especially useful to cover the broad scopes of both CISA and CISSP. I was stunned when I first knew the scopes were so wide but luckily, I could attend the i-TotalSecurity CISSP/CISA class. The courses in are now in my highly recommended list for anyone pursuing CISSP/CISA certifications."

Horace Ng, CISA, CISSP
IT Manager, Internet Solutions Limited

"From very beginning, I joined the CISSP Exam Preparation Course which is organized by i-TotalSecurity due to job requirements, but after finishing their lectures, it increased my interest and broaden my view and knowledge in the field of IT Security. Their course arrangement, material content and sample questions are not only useful for people who target for CISSP but also people who would like to enhance their professional knowledge. If someone ask how to learn IT Security in a more efficiency way, this is the course tailor made for you."

Security Administrator

"Due to job requirement I took CISA Exam with very limited preparation time. I had NO knowledge and experience in IT Audit field by the time I registered for i-TotalSecurity’s CISA Exam Prep course.

By the time I sit in the class, I found that the content of the course stuck to real-world situations and was easy to understand. The instructors are very experienced in this field and definitely an expert. Their teaching is not only interesting but also very helpful for taking the exam.

I could not believe my eyes when I opened my mailbox and found that I passed in first attempt with score even higher than some of my friends who worked in IT Audit for 2-3 years. With my limited exam preparation time, I now believe in miracle and i-TotalSecurity is the one who made it happened. Thank you very much!"

Wing Tang, CISA

"It is an amazing feeling to pass the CISSP exam in such an easy manner. Before taking the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management course, I have taken another CISSP course which the instructor always scared the students how difficult the exam could be, how many materials you need to study and how tight the exam time would be.

On the contrary, i-TotalSecurity's instructors always encourage you. They instil confidence in you. Attending their lively, never boring lectures, studying their well-organised, concise lecture notes, doing their well chosen MCs are the key to success in the exam. i-TotalSecurity makes the exam preparation simple! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to i-TotalSecurity, especially Mr. Alen Lo. You not only helped me pass the CISSP exam but also gave me valuable information security knowledge and techniques which are very useful to my career."

Choi Yiu Ming Pierre, CISSP

"The course material in Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management contains latest material and new trend in the industry. This help tremendously not only in exam preparation, but also to broaden individual perspective in the field of IT security. The course is well organized. No-nonsense approach maximizes the benefits of the 3 hours lectures. Lecturers are well experienced and ready to answer student questions with unique stand point that will benefit students on their own exam preparation. Passing both CISA/CISSP in one take is a great testimonial to the course. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wish gain a broad knowledge on Information Security."

Nelson Ko, CISSP, CISA

"I would like take this opportunity to thanks i-TotalSecurity and Alen Lo, I found the course Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management is really useful and help me passed my CISSP exam. If you would like attend the CISSP exam or just want to gain more up-to-date security information, I highly recommend you take this course."

Chris Cheng, CISSP
IT Manager

"I took the course Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management in Fall of 2009 and passed my CISSP exam in December the same year. The teaching staffs were very knowledgeable and experienced in the subject matter. This course helped me learn about both the technical & Audit aspects of information security and got me well prepared for the exam. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to learn about Information Security and would like to take the professional Exams."

Kevin Chong, CISSP

"I bought the All-in-one CISSP Exam Guide and tried to do my own study. But the reading is so dry and so boring. It is very hard to keep it up and I barely read 10 pages a day. Then, a friend invited me to join the professional training in i-TotalSecurity Consulting Limited. I found the course well structured and gradually covered all the 10 security domains. In few months’ time, I completed the CISSP study. In addition, per topic’s test-your-knowledge questions and the internal examinations questions prepare us for the actual examination. Thanks a lot to i-TotalSecurity and wish you continued success in the years to come."

Keith Loi, CISSP

"I have enjoyed the Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course with i-TotalSecurity. The course helps me to pass the CISSP exam on my first try. The course material is well organized, practical and relevant. The Q&A section in the end of each training session is extremely vital to my studies. It not only helps me to pass the exam in such a short time but also help me to build up a strong foundation in knowing Information Security.

Finally Alen's sense of humor is definite an asset to this course. You will never get bored in the class. Thanks you i-TotalSecurity."

Tsei Bun Cheng, CISSP
Network Engineer

"The course Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management is extremely useful to help one understanding IT systems security, and helpful in preparing the CISA and CISSP examinations. I passed both examinations in one take. The instructors did a great job of explaining the concepts and sharing their experience. The teaching materials is well organized structurally and up-to-date.

I would recommend this course to anyone who are interesting in IT systems security."

Eric Fung, CISA, CISSP
Director of IT, a Global Hotel Group

"The course Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management provides a balance between real life experience and exam-oriented content which made me passed the exam without any pain as well as understanding information security in our real world. Course materials are well-organized. Instructors provided up to date analysis to current information security industry. In addition, the sharing of real-life experiences let me understanding how the information security works. Most importantly, after course exercises can help me understanding the exam questions style and also the technique to answer each question.

I would like to thank i-TotalSecurity, especially, Mr, Alen Lo, for organizing this course and helped me to pass the CISSP in that short time."

Xavier Wu, CISSP, CISA

"Thanks for the Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course with i-TotalSecurity. I passed the CISSP exam with one take! The content of the course are very relevant to the exam. In additions to the exam content, the tutors and classmates also shared a lot of real-life experience which cannot learn from books! Now I am preparing for the CISA and CISM exams but for certain, I gained more confidence after passing the CISSP exam!

Thanks again to i-TotalSecurity, especially Mr. Alen Lo!"

Peter Chan, CISSP

"The CISSP & CISA Exam Prep course enrich my expertise in the field of IT Security. Lecturers from i-TotalSecurity Consulting Limited are very professional and well-presentative in providing quality courses, and enlightening students to think of and apply the knowledges we learnt into real situations. Moreover, the Exam Prep courses are very useful in helping me to get through the certifications. I pass the CISSP exam for the FIRST trial only. As a member of IT community, I highly recommend my counterparts to the CISSP, CISA & CISM Exam Prep course provided by i-TotalSecurity."


"Thanks to i-TotalSecurity. I passed with CISSP in the first trial. The course is practical and effective to prepare for exam in short period of time. Course materials are concise but focused with the requirements of exam. And, the sample questions are helpful for me to familiarize with exam question style. They are really key factors for my success in the examin. Last but not least, I'm impressed with instructor's experience and technial know-how in IT security.

It is a big difference from other training institutions. If someone needs my suggestion, I would highly recommend CISSP Exam Prep from i-TotalSecurity."

Steve Woo, CISSP

"The Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course is a very successful training program which is great in helping students to learn the knowledge of IS control & security management and also to prepare for the worldwide recognized professional certificate examinations including CISSP, CISA & CISM. With the great help of interesting & helpful teaching by the experienced lecturers; informative course materials and mock exam questions. I passed the examinations of CISA and CISSP. I'd like to take this chance to give my sincere appreciation to Mr. Alen Lo and Simon Poon for their great teaching and sharing of experience in the security industry.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to be well prepared and pass the examinations efficiently."

Edward Fung, CISA, CISSP
Assistant IT Manager

"Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course helps me passed both CISA and CISSP exams. All I have to do are:

1. Attend all classes.
2. Understand notes provided in the class.
3. Understand sample questions provided through the course. Alen would give good answer with real hands on experience to help students understand complex concept.
4. Thumb through the offical guide.

Also, course schedule is very flexible as there are make up classes for people with busy schedule. Without the course, I wouldn't pass both exams with such ease."

Yuen, Tsz Ho Jachael, CISSP

"Enrollment in the Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course with i-TotalSecurity lends a good hand to me in passing the June 2009 CISA exam with ease. I’d like to express my most sincere appreciation to Alen and Simon for their well-organized coaching and rich industry based sharing on all topics covered in the CISA, CISM, and CISSP curriculum. The course materials and sharing are valuable for me to prepare my next exams in CISSP and CISM.

I highly recommend this all-in-one course that would well prepare yourself for these exams and your career in IT audit and IT security."

Osric Lau, CISA
IT Manager, A Private Hedge Fund Company

"Thanks much for the instructors of the CISSP and CISA Exam Prep course I have taken, which minimize my preparation time and pass both of the examinations in one take. The course provides well structured notes, clear explaination and focused question answering techniques as well. This not only give me useful guidence for learning the knowledge of IS audit and security, but also improve the process of rational thinking.

I would certainly recommend this course to anyone who would like to study and pass the CISA and CISSP examinations efficiently."

Matthew Wong, CISA, CISSP
Software Developer, Banking & Finance

"Thank you i-TotalSecurity, I take the CISSP in one go.

I would highly recommend people looking for CISSP course to join the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management course. Well organized notes give students a very good overview of what to study and focus on. And tutors are generous enough to share his professional experience and samples in class were actually imprinting security concept in my memory.

How did I prepare for the exam? Read the CBK once, read all class notes once, review all questions in class notes and mock exam once, search internet for unknown terms. That's all.

Well done i-TotalSecurity."

Peter Fung, CISSP

"If you are in pursuit of CISSP, the world renowed certification title in Information Security, the Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course is all you need. Concise and well structured lecture notes, instructors' in-depth knowledge and practical experiences in the field, close-to-real-exam quizzes make this course stand out from the crowd. Use the lecture notes and the quizzes as drivers, and drilled into the reference manual for details whenever necessary. That tactic saves plenty of my precious time.

I sincerely recommend this course to anyone who wants to study Information Security effectively and efficiently."

Kenny Pang, CISSP

"The Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management course excelled in the consolidation of knowledge regarding information security. By putting all the essential information into perspectives, it helped me in passing the CISSP exam in one go. Although spending 3 hours in 24 different evenings can be tiring, it is FUN; the course is full of useful material taken from the real-life experience of the knowledgeable tutors, presented in an interactive and interesting style. I recommend this course to everyone working in, or going to be working in, the field of information security."

Kenny Chan, CISSP
Administrator of a Healthcare Information System

"I found that the CISSP and CISA Exam Prep course structure is good and the duration of course is optimal. Clear guidance given throughout the course. Course notes and quizzes are really useful. In general, I'll recommend this course to anyone who wants to take CISSP exam. Special thanks to all the instructors who are very knowledgeable instructor."

Justy Wong, CISSP
Bloombase Technologies

"Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Management courseenables me to pass the CISSP exam in ONE shot by two factors. Firstly, tailor-made course materials clearly and systematically describe security concepts and theories. Secondly, the instructors are generous to shar their valued working experience in IT security industry. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wanna to become a security professional."

Donoan Lee, CISSP
Senior Consultant

"I just wanted to let you know that I received an email from ISC2 saying that I had passed the CISSP exam. I wanna say a big THANK YOU to i-TotalSecurity. Keep up the good work!!

Value-for-money course fee, relevant course materials, experienced instructors, exclusive case sharing. The CISSP & CISA Exam Prep courseoffered by i-TotalSecurity is definitely a good choice for those who want to acquire the certification.

This 54 hours training course was extremely helpful in understanding and preparing the CISSP examination. The instructors did an excellent jobs in providing real-world examples to further explain the course material. Provided that you follow their program closely, including advance study of the materials they provided, you definitly can pass the exam."

Roger Chan, CISSP

"I highly recommend the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit and Security Management coursefrom i-TotalSecurity to anyone who is pursuing industry recognised certifications to become an information systems audit and security professional. The course provides a well-balanced coverage of related technical materials and corresponding real-life scenarios, plus the excellent classes conducted by the instructors, who made this the most valuable professional training courses I have ever taken. With the in-class review exercises, exam preparation sessions and workshops, I passed the CISSP, CISA and CISM exams within 1 year and recently received my certification in IS Audit.

Once again, a big thanks to Mr. Alen Lo, your course not only has provided the solid foundation I need to pass all three exams but also the knowledge to handle day-to-day work-related challenges!"

Patrick Tam, CISSP, CISA, CISM

"i-Totalsecurity's course is a definitely good choice for those pursuing CISSP/CISA certifications. The course materials are on the right levels to cover the key concepts. The tutors are knowledgeable and helpful. The course schedule is also very flexible for those need to travel frequently. Without taking the class, I would not be able to pass the exam in one shot. Thanks i-TotalSecurity!"

Raymond Ng, CISSP
Technical Account Manager, Mobile Software Industry

"I wish to thank i-TotalSecurity's instructors who broaden my mind to see how far the extent of professional education could reach. The course Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit & Security Managementconducted by them is a great success. Through being organized in a highly systematic structure, the many course materials are always presented in an interesting approach focusing on contemporary information system issues.

As a group of experienced international IS auditors in various fields, the instructors really understand in-depth the behavior and thinking of pioneers of audit and security practitioners, especially those in professional certification associations. Their trainings and advices are even some steps in advance thus I find them extremely valuable not only to CISA and CISSP exam attendants who wish to pass, but also to those planned to develop a career in the field, or to those seeking to improve the information system standard of their organizations."

Karlin K.L. Lau, CISA, CISSP
System Analyst

"I took the Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit and Security Management coursebecause I want to acquire the CISSP qualification in the shortest timeframe. In fact, the course really helped me to grasp the knowledge of an IT security professional and the skills to pass the CISSP exam. The course not only teaches the knowledge in the books, but also provides plenty of related real live examples. I sincerely recommend i-TotalSecurity's course to anyone who want to become a CISSP in the first attempt."

William Tang, CISSP
System Analyst

"The Professional Certificate in Information Systems Control, Audit and Security Management courseis very useful. It helped me to pass the CISSP exam in the first trial. Not like other training companies, the lecturers of i-TotalSecurity used a lot of real examples and tools, to help us to remember all the essential elements, instead of asking to cram all the examination questions. Thanks to i-TotalSecurity."


"This Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursedefinitely helped me a lot in acquiring the knowledge in IS control, audit and security and passing the CISSP examinations in one take. The course is very intensive and demands for two evening lectures every week, but in return you can acquire all the knowledge and prepare for the certificate examinations in two months' time. Lecturers are very experience and knowledgeable in teaching this course. They shared a lot of his past and current practical experience in IS audit and security with the class and provided some hints for preparing the examinations.

Disregarding the 80% course fee reimbursement from the Government Continuing Education Fund which is actually a bonus to me, this course is value for money and I have no doubt to recommend it to others."

William Ho, CISSP

"The CISSP & CISA Exam Prep coursehelps me to get my CISSP certification in an efficient way. With the well-organized materials and outstanding lecturers in the course, I have increased my knowledge in IT Security areas. This knowledge is not just the examination skills only, but the real-life past experience in IT Security issues.

Definitely, I will not be able to get this experience by just reading IT Security books only. By learning from this course, I am sure that I have already increased my interests in IT Security areas and make me easier to pass the examination.

Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to Mr. Alen Lo and i-TotalSecurity Consulting Ltd., and I highly recommend tis course to all IT professionals."

John Chan, CISSP
IT Administrator, a leading manufacturer in the ceramics industry and a thriving global organization.

"Thanks to the comprehensive and professional lectures by i-TotalSecurity, I have successfully passed the CISSP exam in one take. During the lessons, I have not only got the necessary information and important concepts to prepare for the exam, but also enriched my knowledge on Information Security, which is valuable to my career.

Vivid lectures, live demonstrations, interactive workshops as well as useful mock exams are the key successful factors of the course of i-TotalSecurity."

Kitty Lo, CISSP

"I attended the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseoffered by i-TotalSecurity and this course helped me to obtain the CISSP in the first attempt. This course offers a well-balance between the good coverage of CISSP and CISA examinations and the sharing of real-life experiences in the area of IS security and audit. There are plenty of sample questions in class which are very helpful for the public exam preparation. Further, the i-TotalSecurity offers a flexible course schedule so that I have never missed any classes. I strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to prepare for the examination and enhances their knowledge in the area of information security."

Chris Leung, CISSP
Product Marketing Manager, Nortel Networks

"Really thanks Alen Lo for teaching me on CISSP courses. I learned many from him even the course just last for 2 months. Even the course is full of theory, Alen's expertise on intrusion prevention / detection, ethical hacking and digital forensics can always keep our interests on each topics by some laboratory and demonstration. It helps me to catch up the content more easily.

I have no doubt to recommend you to take this course. It is enough to pass the exam even you don't need to read the official textbooks. Good Luck."

Gary Lam, CISSP

"If you are now trying to choose CISSP/CISA/CISM courses, i-TotalSecurity is definitely the best choice for you. With their professional training in the past 9 months, I can pass the CISSP, CISA and CISM examination without a problem. There is no doubt for their experience in teaching IS security. Besides I can get the competency regarding to pass the exam, the more important is that there are practical experiences to be delivered. I would like to express with gratitue to their teaching excellence."


"Alen's wonderful classes had helped me passed both my CISA and CISSP exams. Having only an application background, I was really nervous about taking the exams. But with the concise and insightful notes, along with the study guidelines, I was able to obtain both the credentials in a month. It was not an easy subject to me but the classes really enhance my understanding in the security area. I would recommend this course to my friends definitely!!

Well, thanks again Alen!! Couldn't do it without your teaching!!"

Charmaine Ho, CISSP, CISA

"I want to thank Alen Lo for teaching me IT security during the past 2 years. Alen's expertise on IT security architecture, intrusion detection, ethical hacking and incident handling enriches my skills from the ground up. It helps me building up a strong foundation to handle CISSP exam. Now, I am one of the key person on IT security in my company.

Attending the exam preparatory course offered by i-TotalSecurity may not guarantee you a 100% pass in CISSP exam, but it helps you catch the essence of exam that you could study in a more efficient way. It is no doubt that I will recommend the course to those preparing for IT security professional examination."

Eric Cheng, CISSP

"Thanks to i-TotalSecurity. I got one time pass in CISSP and CISM exam within a year. It is useful to take the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Managementcourse which enriched my understanding of Information Security. It helped me not only for the exam preparation but also for my daily jobs. I am sure this course is beneficial to others as well."

Humphrey Cheung, CISSP, CISM

"I will definitely recommend this Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseto anyone who are preparing for the CISA exam. It is excellent for quick review especially when you are short of time. Although the course is very intensive, I learned more than I ever thought possible. There are real life examples that helps reinforce the concepts and multiple-choice exercises are included to reinforce the key concepts learned in the class."

Karen Lau, CISSP, CISA

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseis well organised with security concept, principle, history, best practice and exercise. The lecturers are well experienced and the learning atmosphere is encouraging. Candidates are able to ask questions and clarify misconceptions with lecturers. The course end with a series of practical laboratories and scenario-based case studies that give extra confident to candidates to handle real life challenges in information security and governance."

Raymond Lin, CISSP
Regional Manager, BakBone Software

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursehelps me to obtain CISSP certification. The course material is highly relevant for preparing CISSP exam. The instructors' teaching style are delightful, you never get bored during the classes. The drill exams give me good assignments on my weak domains. I recommend this course to everyone who even may not want to take all the exams"

Alex Kong, CISSP
Senior System Analyst, Mobile Device Business

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Managementprovided a good balance between technical knowledge and exam technique. I really appreciate the way that the instructor using his real life experiences in explaining boring security concepts. The course also introduce the techniques in preparing for exam, which will never available in the review manual. With these help, I passed my CISA exam in one sitting."

George Fung, CISA
Cathay Pacific Airways

"After completion of the course Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management, I passed CISSP & CISA exams in the 1st attempt ! i-TotalSecurity provided the course with well written handouts, tutors with vast experience in different areas of IT secutiry, and experience sharing on exam related techniques. Apart from techniques to pass exam, I gain new knowledge and insights on different areas of IT security throughout the course. At the end of last lesson, I realized that passing CISSP & CISA exams at 1st attempt is definitely "mission possible" !! I would like to recommend this course to all IT professional who want to get pass CISSP & CISA exams at their 1st attempt without struggling with content of those 1,000+ page study guides !! "

Patrick KS Wong, CISSP, CISA
From IT department of one of the Hong Kong statutory organisation

"I highly recommend IT people to take the
Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Managementcourse. It is very comprehensive and practical to our daily tasks. We learned what are the best practices, where should put more concerns and which things are easily neglected. This course also focuses on preparing to pass the exhausting multiple-choice examinations. There are many exercises and sample questions. After attending the course, I am very interesting in the IT security field and now looking for career opportunities in this area. I am sure that passing the CISSP examination will help a lot. At last, I would like to thanks Mr. Alen Lo for the well-organized teaching."

Sezto Wing Kwan, CISSP
IT Manager

"I would like to express my sincerely thanks to Alen, the principal consultant of i-TotalSecurity. I passed the CISSP exam finally. He gave me everything I need to pass the exam. From his practical approach in the class, he aroused student’s interest and made me love reading more security material and keen to explore more for our own benefit. The most impressive thing for me is that he was really demonstrating how to explore the vulnerability of an IIS server, how a firewall can actually blocking this threat. It really flashed my brain and made me love reading more information from this field."

Martin Law, CISSP
Deputy Network Operations Manager, Siemens Limited

"It is one of the best and most interesting courses I have taken. The course thoroughly covered all the aspects of CISSP, presenting a very understandable and structural manner, especially for these busy working people, like me.

I appreciate the knowledge transfer from the instructors, Alen Lo and Keith Poon who was able to convey their knowledge of the regulations in a way that a diverse group of students could all understand. I will highly recommend this class to others and myself as well for future courses and examinations."

William Wong, CISSP
IT Manager, Allianz Global Investors

"I would like to express my sincere thanks to the lecturers of i-TotalSecurity. Without them, I don't believe I can spend only 3 months to pass the CISSP and CISA exams at my first trail. Alen always said something like: If your knowledge is on firm grounds, you can pass the Exam no matter what is changed in the syllabus. They not only taught us the examination technique, but also the practical application of IT Security. Therefore, I would recommend their courses to everyone interested in information security."

Jeffrey Ho, CISSP, CISA
System Analyst, a Listed Engineering Company

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseby i-TotalSecurity not only helps me to passed the CISSP exam at the first trial with ease, but also delivers comprehensive information security knowledge. No matter you are pursuing any information security certification or to enhance your knowledge, this is the course for you."

Alan T. L. Chan, CISSP
Systems and Security Administrator of several SMEs

"Some of my peers mentioned that getting a pass in the CISA is not an easy task. That statement bothered me for a while until I attended i-TotalSecurity’s evening course: Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management. I realized that with i-TotalSecuriy’s inspiring presenters, informative full coverage course materials and numerous MC drills, passing the CISA exam is simply a piece of cake! And most of my classmates passed with flying color!"

Milton Fung, CISA
IT Manager of a leading Hong Kong Financial Institution

"I had enrolled the
Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management course3 months before I took the CISA examination. The course helped me to understand the related concepts clearly, with living examples which helped me to get the points. The assignment works on the class are also valuable material helping to prepare the CISA exam. The course made it possible to passed the CISA exam with only three months preparation and passed at the first trial!"

Patrick Heung, CISA
Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited

"Taking the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursemade me easy for getting pass of the exam. It taught me how the information security process works rather than memorizing all the terms. No matter the certificate is the issue or not, you would learn much about information security from this course."

Danny Ng, CISSP
Senior Solution Analyst

"I passed June 2006 CISA exam. The instructor of the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursenot only covers the materials for the exam, he also shares his eye-opener information security experience. The course is good for anyone who wants to pass exam or to know more about information security issues. From a professional auditor’s view, the course makes me more alert to risks of information assets which may impair company achieving its business goals. If I have information security concerns, I would no doubt recommend my company to get i-TotalSecurity’s advice."

Terry Wong, CISA, CA, CIA
Internal Audit Manager of a listed manufacturing company

"First of all, I really want to thank the lecturers of i-TotalSecurity for their professional teaching. I joined the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursein January 2006. Since I am a person with technical background, I always don't have much confidence in passing the CISA examination. However, with the help of professional lecturers and the course materials, I got a score of 87 in CISA 2006 examination. This is really out of my expectation and I believe that if I don't attend the course and do the mock test of i-TotalSecurity, I cannot get such a good score. I hope that my fellow course mate can sharpen their knowledge and get a 1 time pass in both CISA and CISSP examination!"

Tony Li, CCNP, LPI
Systems Adminstrator

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursecovers the essential elements you should never miss for your CISA/CISM/CISSP qualifications. The instructors bring practical and theoretical aspects of these professionals into the classes and workshops, together with their experiences in providing consultations for MNCs, I am sure this course can help you kick start your professions."

Leung Hon Wing, CISSP, CISA

"The Ethical Hacking & Incident Handlingcourse provides me with in-depth and practical knowledge to think as "what a hacker thinks". The exercises involved assist me to plan for system penetration tests and defense strategies to our various critical enterprise infrastructures. The long term experience and professional recommendations from the course leader during the training also widen my horizon to the rapid changing security world of the global internet. And of course, the detailed course materials fully covered the public exams and helped me to pass the certification with confidence. It's a perfect course I would recommend to those who wish to achieve high level of information security skills and obtain the worldwide recognized certifications."

Information Security Analyst, a Global Hotel Group

"This Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseis one of the superb courses that I have studied and completed. The course material helps me to digest the CISSP/CISA exam syllabus quickly. Sample practice questions at the end of each lesson trained up my skills and speed effectively."

Clement Chong, CISSP
Senior Support Engineer, Fujitsu (HK) Limited

"Although I don't have much knowledge in IT audit and security, I passed the Dec 2005 CISA exam. i-TotalSecurity really helped me a lot! The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseis comprehensive and well-organized. It is really the key to pass the CISA/CISSP exam. Want to become a CISA/CISSP? i-TotalSecurity is your choice!"

Lin Wai Yip, CISA
Analyst Programmer

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursehelps me acquired CISSP and CISA certifications within 4 months. This course is very professionally organised and conducted. Not only teaching material is appropriately structured and focused, the demonstrations give me an in-depth understanding of IT security issues. I would recommend this course to everyone interested in information security without hesitation."

Gary Tsang, CISSP, CISA
System Analyst

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management courseby i-TotalSecurity is a treasury for those who aspired to become a certified professional as well as to acquire up-to-date IT knowledge. I found the set of coures is well designed to match the needs of students from various business areas. The valuable course notes, after class reviews and the vivid ways of teaching by experienced instructors, all have made learning easy and interesting. Not only my IT concept got straight up after the course but also I was able to passing the CISA and CISSP exams with very limited study time. I would recommend the couse to whoever either simply want to get a Cert or to enhance the IT knowledge."

Senior Systems Analyst, ATAL

"Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to i-TotalSecurity. The CISSP & CISA Exam Prep courseis informative, relevant and one could get practical skills for the examinations. The set of course material is a very precise summary of the knowledge area. Together with the sample multiple-choice questions, much time could be saved while preparing for the examinations. The interactive style of tuition, which includes demonstrations, is a very effective way of learning. I recommend this course to those who are interested in the information security area."

Terence Yau, CISSP, CISA
Senior Manager, IT, a Financial Group

"i-TotalSecurity really taught me a lot. What I have learnt from the Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Management coursenot only involves the core and up-to-dated IS security and audit knowledge, but also the priceless examination techniques and skills. After finishing this course, I can easily pass both CISSP and CISA examinations in one take. My wife asked me why I needed not spend long time preparing for the examinations. My answer was simple, 'Just attend all the lessons provided by i-TotalSecurity and pay particular attention to the Q&A session at the end of each lesson; then you will achieve as easily! Don't worry; you will never feel bored throughout the course!' I highly recommend this course to all people working in the IT field."

Jimmy Woo, CISSP, CISA
Analyst Programmer I, OGCIO

"I like Alen's teaching method. He is impressive. He was not only covering the 10 Domains in the CISSP, but also he did the workshops. The live demonstration on information security related software tools let us have a real feeling on the content of the course. I had recommended 4 of my friends joining this course."

Frankie Leung, CISSP, CISA
Business Manager, UDS Data Systems Ltd

"Just spend $1760 (After CEF Subsidy), you will find the 71+ hrs Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Managementcourse much worthy than on monetary term. The teaching material is highly relevant for preparing both CISSP and CISA exams. Also, lectures are helpful for understanding the IT security. You can not only gain lots of knowledge in different IT security, but can also apply your learning in your job. I passed CISSP exam because I chose the right course!"

Jason Leung, CISSP, CISA, OCP, IBM DB2
IT Auditor, a Public Accounting Firm

"I would like to take this opportunity to express my deepest thanks for the tuition of i-TotalSecurity. The CISSP Exam Prep Courseis so impressing and comprehensive that I could obtain the sophisticated knowledge of CISSP and pass the CISSP exam effectively. The way of teaching is attractive and interesting with the aid of ample practical examples. This is one of the most useful and valuable courses that I have ever taken."

John Leung, CISSP
IT Officer, a Public Utility in Hong Kong

"The information security courses of i-TotalSecurity are the best in town. Alen and Edmond are both experienced professionals in this area. The ways they teach and present make even boring topics interesting. I look forward to participating in other classes organized by i-TotalSecurity in the future."

IM&T Manager, a Global EyeCare Company

"The Professional Certificate in IS Control, Audit & Security Managementcourse offered by i-TotalSecurity helps me to obtain both CISSP and CISA certifications. The lectures and materials not only helps to pass the examination, also expand one's knowledge in both IT security and auditing. I recommend this and other courses offered by i-TotalSecurity to those who are interested in IT security and IT Auditing."

Philip Chan, CISSP, CISA
Software Engineer, HKJC

"The CISSP, CISA & CISM Exam Prepcourses offered by the i-TotalSecurity are accurate, practical & highly informative. The lectures are helpful, not only, for passing the examinations, but also expands the audient's vision in the Information Security discipline. I recommend the i-TotalSecurity's CISSP, CISA & CISM courses to everyone; even they may want to take the examinations."

IT Manager - Networks & Operations, Shun Tak China Travel

"Wow! Thanks i-Totalsecurity. I earned a prestigious certification - GCIH from SANS Institute. Without a doubt, the ethical hacking course is the best of breeds. It is an unusual course that I don't get this worldwide recognized level of information anywhere else with afforable prices. Throughout the fascinating cyber war-game practices, I explore many advanced and handy tools to manage the IT threats in daily tasks. It is the philosophy of "KNOW-HOW". The course delivery mode, group sharing, is incredible successful. I feel that I am accompanied on the course of learning! "INFOSEC INSIGHTS" let me exhale from the course as well. Keep it up!"

Senior Security Consultant

"YEAH! I PASSED! I PASSED! I PASSED the worldwide recognized CISA certification in my first trial. Once I got the result via an email by ISACA, I couldn't believe it! Do not think to pass the test with merely working experience. The success resort to the leading CISA course. The personalized schedule avoid the conflicts with my time. The course mentor empharized the key points of the certification objectives. With the thoughtful written practice questions and course materials, it fully prepared me to PASS the first time. When people ask me what I did to pass the test, I tell them, "I got the i-Totalsecurity"."

Senior Security Consultant

"I have tried several times to write a testimonial but find it difficult to fully express how impressed I was with your knowledge and experience. In learning, I always look for the " Ah Ha !" moment when things start to gel and I can start to anticipate. You certainly delivered continuous " Ah Ha !" moments. Your teaching techniques are well presented, non-threatening, very effective, challenging, and we also had fun because you relate class activities back to "real world" situations. Your knowledge and experience with the course is remarkable . No one should ever employ a CISSP that has not come through your classroom. I would highly recommend your classes to anyone wanting to acquire a good working knowledge of IT security. Should the opportunity arise for me to take other classes with you at i-TotalSecurity, I'll be there in a flash. Thanks a lot."

Senior IT Officer, The World's Local Bank

"The CISSP Exam Prep courseis comprehensive and contains exactly what I need to pass the examination, the exam drills give me the confidence to take the examination. I'd recommend this course to all my friends and colleagues who want to become a CISSP."

RR Donnelley

"I particularly appreciate the exam-oriented approach adopted by this course, which help me to pass the CISSP exam in the first attempt. If this course can't help you to pass the exam, who can?"

Ken Chan, CISSP
Security Consultant

"I would like to express my thankfulness in the following few words: During the lectures, I can easily have "Precise and Accurate" view of different CISSP domains. Your explanation is always alive, and awakes me all the time (At least, I have not slept in all classes). Most importantly, you can give me clear and prompt guidelines through various channels (i.e. e-mail, phone, during and after lectures, etc.). By reading your good notes and recommended book, I trust that we can easy to pass the examination. Thank you."

Vincent Lee, CISSP
IT Manager, an Insurance Company