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Ethical Hacking & Incident Handling (Hands-on)

Intake 51
10 Mar 2014

- Become a Certified Incident Handler & Ethical Hacker -
Date 10 Mar 2014
Price HK$8,000.00
Sessions / Hours 8/24(hrs)
Time 7:00pm - 10:00pm
Language Cantonese with English Terms
Tutor Over 14 year of InfoSec experiences
Pros Over 24 CISSP/CISA/CISM CPE Hours
Earn GCIH in one course
Unique Course Feature
Instead of merely teaching a few hacker attack tricks, this course provides a proven, step-by-step process for responding to computer incidents, a detailed description of how attackers undermine systems so you can prepare, detect, and respond to them, and a hands-on workshop for discovering holes before the bad guys do. Specifically, this course features:
  • Strong emphasis on the technical and practical aspects of the Incident Handling Step-by-Step model which has been proven effective in hundreds of organizations
  • In-depth coverage of the 5 phases of hacker attacks: passive reconnaissance, active profiling, gaining access, preserving access and covering the tracks
  • Over 40 Hands-on Labs on the latest cutting-edge as well as the "oldie-but-goodie" attacks prevailing on the Windows, Linux, Netware operating systems
  • Course leaded by qualified and knowledgeable i-Total instructors with over 12-year pure information security experiences
Course Outline
For comprehensive coverage of the examination curriculum, we structure this course into 4 modules with a total of 24 contact hours. Details about individual modules are given below. Please email us at for more information.

1 Incident Handling and Computer Forensics
This module introduces a proven incident handling process, using the six steps (preparation, detection, containment, eradication, recovery and follow-up) one needs to follow to prepare for and deal with a computer security incident.

A number of from-the-field case studies will be examined and discussed to illustrate how identify computer attackers, and to provide valuable information on the steps students can take to improve the chances of catching and prosecuting attackers.
2 Discovering Network and Systems Details (Hands-On*)
In this module, particulars associated with passive profiling and active scanning using low-tech and sophisticated methods are discussed.

Various hacker techniques that gather system information, obscure attackers sources and intentions, locate weak DMZ systems and unsecured modem pools, mapping firewall rules and systems behind, penetrate wireless LANs and evade intrusion detection systems, are discussed in details. Live demonstrations and hands-on practices will be provided to let participants understand the information gathering stages in great details.
3 Penetrating the Targeted (Hands-On*)
In this module, the penetration phase of hacker attack is unveiled in-depth. Various attack techniques such as buffer overflow, vulnerability exploitations, password cracking, format string attack, Web server and SQL server attacks, Web application attacks, SQL injection, cross-site scripting, cross site request forgery, IP spoofing, session hijacking, denial of service and a variety of other mechanisms are examined and practiced. For each attack, the module explains the vulnerability, how various tools exploit it, the signature of the attack, and how to harden the system or application against the attack.
4 Owning the Victim (Hands-On*)
This module covers the occupation phase of hacker attacks, in which attackers install sniffers and backdoors, apply RootKits, establish covert channels, manipulate log files, deploy stenography so as to hide their tracks and to maintain access to the owned machines.

Extensive live demonstrations and hands-on exercises are given so that students can effectively defend and handle against these attacks.
* To get the most value out of the course, students are required to bring their own notebook computers.
Course Date & Venue
Date8 Monday Evening Sessions Starting 10 Mar 2014
Time7:00pm - 10:00pm
VenueB2, the CharterHouse, 209-219 Wan Chai Road, Hong Kong [See Map]

*i-TotalSecurity reserves the rights to modify the schedule as required.
Course Fee
Lectures + Workshops (24 Hours) = Early Bird price HK$8,000.00*
Early bird price - enroll 1 week before course commencement. Full price = HK$8,000.00.
Course Leader
Mr. Alen Lo, MBA(CUHK), BSc(HKU), CISA, CISSP, CISM, CEH, IRCA Certified ISMS Lead Auditor He has over 15 years of solid experiences on information systems security, control and audit. During this period, he has been responsible for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of information systems security and controls, implementing information security management systems for various financial institutions, insurance companies, government departments, telecommunications service providers, commercial data centres, utilities and multi-national conglomerate.

Moreover, Alen has over 10 years of international teaching experiences and has been an instructor of the HKU SPACE, the SCS of the Chinese of University of Hong Kong, and the Open University of Hong Kong designing and delivering various award-bearing e-Commerce and information systems security courses and seminars for numerous public, leading, listed and military organizations in Asia Pacific, Europe, Greater China, Oceania and Middle East.
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